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Sending thanks

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I just want to say thank you for those of you who hello sign up to my VIP section, this is a new adventure for me and I'm glad you're on the ride :-) 

Layla Luv
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Vip pics

I'm so excited to be getting my site in motion expescially the pure v_i_p section.

 I'll be taking a picture request for my VIP section so whether it's a fetish or just something sexy you want to see send me an email at Layla_luv8@yahoo.com and don't be shy on what to ask for the worst they can say is no and that doesn't come out of my mouth very often :-) 


Layla Luv

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New beginnings

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1st blog ever :)

I am dedicated to get this site up and running the way it should be :) I am just not the computer type so bear with me...........just like the photos in VIP , i don't know how to change that YET.

Also getting a calender up .............who am i kidding so many things but I'm excited because it will be mine.

But of course I want and respect positive feedback but also negative, women see things differently.

I am excited :)))

Oh ya there will be videos and real naughty pics, thats what the vip is for. so Stay tuned

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